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This film is inspired by true events

So ur with ur honey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the vioce is "wut r u doing wit my daughter?" U tell ur girl n she say "my dad is ded".


Years after the death of her father, college student Fiona Stephens and her friends struggle to escape the grasp of a masked psychopath, hellbent on their brutal murders.


Kelly Voke, Dan McCurry, Hayley Himmelman, Chad Moseley, Emily Richter, Sammy Ketcham, Brian Barber, Dave Perez, Jason Kwidd, Stephen George, Michael Valenti, Jade Ocean, Patrick Stallone, Gigi Nubani, Tony Papaleo, Alex J. Smith, Kevin Joseph

Written & Directed by David & Steve Daan
Music & Sound by Patrick Stallone
Produced by David & Anne-Catherine Daan
Exec. Producer: Steve Daan, Brian Young, Dan McCurry

Runtime: 96 minutes
Who Was Phone? is not yet rated.


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