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So ur with ur honey and yur making out
wen the phone rigns. U anser it n the
vioce is "wut r u doing wit my daughter?"
U tell ur girl n she say "my dad is ded".


In 2008, a mysterious story was posted anonymously to 4Chan. Despite having only 42 words, its message was so compelling that it instantly went viral.

And just like that, the Internet's most famous catchphrase was born.

"THEN WHO WAS PHONE?" spread like wildfire, becaming a staple of social networks and even today, over 10 years later, continues to make regular appearances throughout the Internet.

WHO WAS PHONE? is the feature film based on that terrifying tale, transforming its story into the only thing it could possibly be: a Parody Movie - a Horror/Comedy paying homage to the various viral videos and memes that the Internet has made famous.

After witnessing the brutal murder of her boyfriend from mere inches away, college student Fiona Stephens and her friends desperately try to unmask a hatchet-wielding killer, all the while struggling to escape his murderous grasp. Their only clue - a phone call received moments before the murder; the menacing voice on the other end belonging to Fiona's father - a man who died years prior!

WHO WAS PHONE? weaves together over 70 Internet references to form a modern day paranormal slasher. While only true Internet junkies will get every reference, most are the classic and iconic videos that you've probably already seen (maybe more than once) while making the daily scroll through Facebook and Instagram. You’ll see familiar faces like Scumbag Steve, Bad Luck Brian, Techno Viking, Epic Beard Man, Tai Lopez, Idiot Nerd Girl, as well as 'guy shoots himself in the foot', 'guy swallows bug', 'guy tases himself' and many more. There is truly something for everyone.

Many of the characters are based on Internet memes.

WHO WAS PHONE? was shot on a shoestring budget (under $15,000) over two grueling weeks in the Chicagoland area, and features a diverse cast of talented up and coming young actors from Chicago and the Midwest region. The movie was written and directed by the Daan Brothers (David and Steve). Producers are David Daan and Anne-Catherine Daan. Executive Producers are Steve Daan, Brian Young, and Dan McCurry. Soundtrack was composed by Patrick Stallone.

WHO WAS PHONE? was shot using vintage anamorphic primes to capture a look that evokes a classic slasher movie (SCREAM, HALLOWEEN, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET).

Written and directed by David Daan and Steve Daan
Produced by David and Anne-Catherine Daan
Executive Producers: Steve Daan, Brian Young, and Dan McCurry
Soundtrack/Audio: Patrick Stallone

Kelly Voke(IMDb) ... Fiona
Dan McCurry(IMDb) ... Kerry
Hayley Himmelman(IMDb) ... Jessica
Chad Moseley(IMDb) ... Steve
Emily Richter(IMDb) ... Stacy
Sammy Ketcham(IMDb) ... Brian
Brian Barber(IMDb) ... Vitaliy
Dave Perez(IMDb) ... Fiona's Dad
Jason Kwidd(IMDb) ... Detective George
Stephen George(IMDb) ... Rav
Mike Valenti(IMDb) ... Mike/Barry's Assistant
Kevin Joseph(IMDb) ... Business Guru
Alex J. Smith(IMDb) ... Technoviking Lookalike
Tony Papaleo(IMDb) ... Epic Beard Man Lookalike
Jade Ocean(IMDb) ... Fiona's Mom
Gigi Nubani(IMDb) ... Sarah

director's bio
David and Steve Daan are fashion photographers/cinematographers who started in the movie industry as writers, completing screenplays such as BLACK EYED KIDS and BUDDY.COM for producer Carl Amari and a draft of the DC Comics' UNKNOWN SOLDIER film adaptation, as well as quarter and semifinal placement in screenwriting contests such as the Page Awards, Slamdance, Nicholl, and the Austin Film Festival.

David and Steve also have entrepreneurial experience in publishing and software development. WHO WAS PHONE? is their first feature film.


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